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Clutch plates/parts

AJS/M., Brough Superior, Norton Clutch spring 16H,ES2,M18,M7,M77,M88,M89,65SS,Atlas

Art.No.: 04-0358.BS-0198.040358.04-0385.040385
Make: Brough Superior/Norton/Sturmey Archer

AJs/Matchless 350,500,600,650cc 1956-67
Norton Mod.50,ES2,Dominator 500 600 650cc, Atlas 750cc 1966-67
Clutch Spring
Norton.Brough Superior.

f.e.: AJS 1957 500cc OHV,
AJS 1957 600cc OHV

L: 43mm
OD: 17mm
ID: 11mm
Thread: 3mm

AMC Kupplung

Price: EUR 2.00